January 22, 2009

We Have Moved On

Christine and I have abandoned blogspot for Tumblr. Check us out.

December 08, 2008


Over the past couple of weeks I have gotten back into art. Last year all I did was sit in my room and draw because I was in a really time consuming art class. This year it's all academics but whatev. I still do what I can.
This is The Ultimate Butherface. For those who don't know what a butherface is, click.
This is untitled but it unintentionally came out looking like my dad if he did crack or something and got all wrinkly.

Finals are next week so don't expect a lot of posts this and next week. Actually, maybe you should expect more posts because we may be busy procrastinating and notstudying. Also, Christine and I both started Tumblrs, which are like crack.



December 06, 2008


For Thanksgiving break I went back home for an entire week, long enough for me to actually miss it now that I'm back ...
Thankfully, not much of my time was spent in the armpit of Southern California, otherwise known as the San Fernando Valley. "THE Valley." Of "Valley girl" and pornstar fame. Last Friday I went to the Santa Monica beach with some of my high school friends. One of them had to take pictures for a photography project, and as I was the one who looked the most ridiculously hipster, she used me as her subject.
Then we went to downtown LA where I bought 3 LB of fabric for $6. I miss LA. Not "THE Valley", "THE Valley" sucks balls, but I must admit, Los Angeles is legit.


December 03, 2008

Old Lady Paradise

So Christine and I have a secret. It's called the Cellar and if you live in the Bay, it's on the corner of Dana and Channing in Berkeley. The Cellar is a tiny thrift store owned by some church and run entirely by adorable old ladies who play 1930's jazz and will give you completements and tell you you look cute in everything. I got the shoes in these pics, Salvatore Ferragamo, mind you (!!!) for ten dollars. They are in perfect condition too. Also the necklaces I'm wearing are from there as well, purchased for a total of 20 dollars. This place is fucking amazing. I would not expect designer shoes each time, but there are definitely good things to be found if you look hard enough. Keep in mind they are only only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
The outfit: BCBG dress, Zara jacket, Derek Heart cardigan, American Apparel tights, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, American Apparel headband.
Oh yes, I was a test subject in a psychology experiment today and my professor asked me if I was an orthodox jew because he mistook my headband for a headscarf and also noticed my oldladyjewelry. Wtf.


P.S. If anyone wants an AMERICAN APPAREL CARDIGAN IN SIZE XS IN ROYAL BLUE there is one at Buffalo Exchange! It was too small for me but if you wear size XS get it.

Maybe It's Hypomania, Not Mania

shoes: Michael Kors, leggings: Target, dress: H&M, vest: thrifted, jacket: Anne Taylor Loft
My current favorite possession: these here shoes by Michael Kors. They make me feel like a ninja, too bad I can walk only a maximum of 4 blocks in them without experiencing excrutiating pain. Such is life.

I am currently working on two drawings... when they are done I will post pics. For now, let's just say tigers, amateur fashion models, and crack are involved.

Ohhh and I realized that I need either a haircut or for my hair to grow. Badly. I don't want to look like a cross between Princess Diana and a thirteen year old boy any more!! Hair, can't you please grow out???!?!?!?!?!?!!! Kthx.


December 02, 2008

Oh, and I was busy doing ...


The fashion club that I belong to at Cal had its annual Fall Semester fashion show. The theme was eco-friendly, so I made my 3 outfits out of magazines and newspapers (& I made the dress that I'm wearing in the last picture too, but not out of paper). Needless to say, it was hella time-consuming ... but all the color searching, cutting, collaging, and gluing was worth it. I can't wait to work with real fabric again though.


December 01, 2008

Slap a ho

I think I am having a manic episode. I don't have any mental disorders to date but for the past two days I have been inexplicably happy for no apparent reason. I am also bursting with ideas for all sorts of creative endeavors; this blog, drawing, photography, fashion, etc, etc, etc. This morning my roommate accidentally woke me up at 7:30 and I was actually really excited to be awake and start the day, which, if you know me, is INSANE. I am the anti-morning person. Seriously. I hate everyone and everything for like an hour after every time I wake up, but not today. Wtf.
After class I went to Buffalo Exchange, a consignment store in Berkeley for those who don't know, to try to find an oversized sweater for cheap that I could wear with my leather-looking-ish leggings. On the way, I saw this man:
And his gorgeous bike! Holy shit! Pimpin.At Buffalo Exchange I was enamored by the purple and the blue shoes above. Unfortunately, they were too small for my feet. Between ninth and tenth grade my feet grew substantially to a size 8.5-9. My grandma came to visit me from Russia and asked me if it was something in the water in America that made my feet so big. Instead of finding a sweater like I wanted, I bought these sexy little things. Vintage black leather gloves with red fur lining, baby. Then, outside of our building Christine and I noticed this beautiful tag. Props to the artist. It was really small and subtle... um, that's what she said? Classy.